Monday, September 11, 2006

You know law school sucks when . . . (#2)

You go to school sick.

Ordinary human beings miss work or school when they are sick, but not in law school. If you are going to miss a day it’s because you need to take time off or because you didn’t do the reading. You certainly do not want to miss school because you are sick, especially if you did a long reading section.

This has an unintended effect of making everyone’s life more miserable then they already are in the first year of law school.

Whys that?

Well since you go to law school when you are sick, you get other people sick. Since they keep coming to school when they are sick, soon everyone is sick.

Now you have 2 hours of contracts to read tonight, 2 hours of civil procedure, and you have to read them with a stuffy nose and a sore throat.

The people who get really stressed out have it the worst. I feel sorry for those poor souls. They are crazy enough to be studying to the point of improper health when sick, which makes them more sick and there studying harder to do because they get more sick.

Mandatory attendance is good in that at forces students to learn and not excessively slack. But it works adversely when it’s taken to the extreme, and encourages people to take improper care of themselves.

People need to put that one class in perspective, catch up on the reading on the weekend and take care of themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hear ya bro, word up to that! 2L and still alive-for now anyways... :)

11:17 PM  

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