Friday, August 11, 2006

Why I'm going to law school

Greetings from the other Slacker of Slacker & Slacker LLP. I'm Dan, and I went to undergrad with David. We're both great at slacking, hopefully we'll both be great at law school.

My journey to law school took a much different path than David's. It was never my intention to go. All I wanted to do was be a video game designer. I slacked through undergrad, doing just the bare minimum (less than that in some cases), played video games all day, smoked a lot of pot, and somehow managed to graduate. My amazing GPA was under a 3.0, and I actually had to stick around an extra year due to my extraordinary slacking abilities. And no I didn't graduate with multiple majors or anything crazy like that. I took 5 years to get a single B.S. It would have been four, but the last class of my fourth year I slacked so damn well that I didn't bother reading the syllabus for the class until well after the drop deadline. Upon reading the syllabus I learned that section attendance was mandatory and actually counted towards my grade. Now in true slacker style, I had never been to section. I didn't even know who my TA was, so I couldn't e-mail anyone to ask how to get around this requirement. Yadda yadda yadda I failed and had to stay an extra year. The class was the last in a sequence and was only ever offered during Spring quarters. So I spent fall and winter bumming around, and then finished up in the Spring. Luckily the law school I had been accepted to the year before was kind enough to defer my admissions so I didn't have to reapply. Avoiding extra work though deferment. Yay!

Now how did someone that never went to class, that never thought about going to law school, and had never taking a polisci/law course at all decide to go to law school? Free food! I was hanging around campus one day (a rare thing for me, I normally avoided campus at all costs) and Kaplan was sponsoring a free LSAT test. One of those take a test, see how you did, now pay us to do better things, and they included free food for all test takers. Now I had just smoked, and was really hungry. Not one to pass up free food even if it requires a little bit of work (Free food is one of the rare things that will stop be from slacking) I decided to take the test. I did surprisingly well for someone who'd never seen an LSAT before in their life. I ended up taking the real LSAT a year later and then applied to law schools.

The hardest thing about applying was getting letters of req. For someone who never goes to class, it ended up being really hard finding professors that remembered me, and would write a letter. Although seeing how huge classes are at UC schools, I'm not sure it would have been easier if I had gone to class.

So now I'm getting ready to go to law school. I'm going for a duel degree - j.d and a masters in computer science so I can hopefully get into software patents or preferably something involved with setting technology law policy (I'd love to work for the EFF). At the very least if I hate law school, I can drop out and keep doing my masters program. How will my slacker-self adjust to a setting like law school? Hopefully very well. Everyone says law school is like high school, and if there's one thing high school has a lot of, it's gossip. And the only thing besides free food that will stop me from slacking is gossip. People say I'm exactly like a high school girl. I love gossip. I spread it, I hear it, I find it, I make it up, I devour it where ever it is. And if I'm about to put myself in an environment that supports gossip and high schoolish behavior, then maybe I'll be involved enough to actually go to class and learn. Only time will tell.

Enough of this long boring introductory post. I start class in two weeks (poor David started already) and will post more entertaining things then.


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