Friday, August 18, 2006

Mr. Question Guy

Mr. Question guy is usually not the smartest or dumbest guy in the class, but studies more than most. He/She (although I have seen more guys) is intent on proving their intellect to their peers and professors, so they decide that they are going to ask irrelevant questions in class. These questions are usually highly specific in topic and have very little interest to most people in the class. Even worse, sometimes they ask questions that they already know the answer to, in order to appear more intelligent. I see through it and I bet most other students do, too. But, Mr. Question Guy is generally nice and friendly, just lacking in social skills. In order to show that I have no ill will and only want to help both you and the rest of the class here is my letter to Mr. Question Guy.

Dear Mr. Question Guy,

Congratulations on getting into law school and having great study habits. There are a few issues that we your class mates would like to share with you. First, the professor is not talking specifically to you, but the entire class. When you raise your hand every 5 minutes you look like that third grade kid that your elementary school teacher is desperately trying not to call on. This does not impress your professors or your fellow students. You don’t need to answer each question or pose specific new questions to every issue, we know you are intelligent and study. Do ask questions that are on topic and insightful. Also, make sure all of your questions are of interest to the majority of people in the class. Diligently try to avoid asking personal interest questions during class. There is a perfectly suitable time to ask these questions; before or after class. I ask questions after class, too. Give others a chance to answer some questions. Do not ask questions that you already know the answer to, this is heavily annoying. Do present your opinion on issues when relevant. Don’t act like an arrogant prick; you are not smarter than everyone because you raise your hand. The only advantage is that you save yourself a few reps on the weights at the gym. Do go to the gym, it will get your mind off law school for a little while. Use your discretion in asking questions, with respect to the size of the class. You can ask more questions in a class of 20 then in a class of 200. In case this is too general I will make this into a statute so that you can better understand.

Law school statue of how not to be Mr. Question Guy:

“Do not ask questions, unless they are both insightful and you have not asked a reasonably large amount of questions during the class. Ask questions after class if they are not relevant to everyone else and don’t ask frivolous questions to prove your intelligence. Avoid asking questions at the end of class, ask them after class instead. Don’t act like a prick. In general, use discretion when raising your hand.”

I hope this will be sufficient to help you. We can provide common law cases to help define ambiguities in this statute if necessary. Please don’t look up every word 5 times and ask useless questions about this statue it goes against the point. You know what it means.


Your Fellow Concerned Law Students who want to help you avoid being Mr. Question Guy


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