Monday, August 14, 2006

The First Week

On the first day of class I stroll in a minute late and sit in the last row. I figured the professor would be giving a speech about the honor and glory of the law, something between Braveheart’s ‘Sons of Scottland’ speech and Any Given Sunday’s ‘Inches’ speech. Explaining how we had made such a respectable choice and the great many possibilities that lie ahead.

I was wrong.

The professor was already digging into the details of the assigned reading. Cut and dry. The prof. was more entertaining, then I had expected, to his benefit, and I respected his no B.S. attitude.

There was one other thing that I noticed as I scanned the room. There was only one person in the entire class that did not have a laptop or notebook in front of him/her. Yes, ladies and gents, it was me, your local slacker-at-law. It had yet to be a full minute in law school and I was already late and behind.

Throughout the week I learned people actually seemed to be studying frequently. I am not accustomed to studying regularly, since I was able to get away with very little in undergrad. But I decided I should probably catch up and invested in a notebook (my laptop is in the mail). So I did the reading till I understood what was going on. But fear not fellow slackers of the world, the next night I was out and about hitting the bars.

Figuring that I needed to redeem myself for showing up unprepared to the first class, I showed up to class the next morning at 8 o’ clock, after the night at the bars. The other law students that I went out with did not show up. Mom would be proud. I hope this redeems me to the karma police of legal studying.

So come Friday, there was once again only one person in the classroom with no notebook or laptop. I figured I don’t really take notes on most of this stuff anyway. I had already read the case and understood it. I don’t understand the people who frivolously scribble every detail down. If something is important I am all for studying and putting in what is necessary to meet your goal, but people just act out of fear, nerdiness, or their love to flaunt their intelligence and hear their own voice. The one’s that love to hear their own voice are the worst, more about them later.


Blogger Maria said...

It's almost inspiring to hear what the slackers think of us who study so diligently every day.

I may come over to the dark side and become a slacker.

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I take detailed notes because if I don't I will fall asleep. I realize it makes me look stuck up, geeky and anal but I don't really care. I'm normally just drawing pretty doodles and thinking about kissing the boy in front of me.

10:57 PM  

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