Monday, September 11, 2006

What a way to start the day

I stumble into Civil Procedures at 9am, still half asleep. I woke up late, and didn't have time to get my morning coffee. I made it to class just in time, and was still booting up the laptop when the Professor took his place at the head of the class.

"Mr. Slacker, what is truth?" He bellows.
"Umm ... huh .... I'm not sure what you mean ..." I reply while rubbing the sleep from my eyes.
"It's a simple question, and I'll ask it again in-case you didn't hear me. What is truth?"

This is not how I wanted my Monday to begin.

I tried to give some standard bullshit response about how truth is subjective, and can there really be a truth. There can be a factual truth (in some regards ...) but is there a TRUTH? I don't know.

This was not the answer he was looking for, and he proceeded to take the first half of class to lecture us about how the adversarial process we have in the American legal system is designed to "smelt a more perfect truth".

What a day ...


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