Friday, September 08, 2006

Most annoying person ever! The Leg Shaker ...

The way our classrooms are setup here are in long rows of seats, the seats are physically connected to the desks on this strange swinging arms, and the desks themselves are divided into groupings of two. So two people sit connected to the same table, then there's a slight gap, two more people connected, gap, two more, etc, down the row. This morning I came a little late to class, and had to take a seat in the far back row so I wouldn't disrupt class by taking my normal seat.

Now let me tell you ... I believe I have found the most annoying person to ever exist. I am so glad that is not my normal seat, and I feel horrible for anyone that has to sit next to this man on a regular basis.

The Leg Shaker! OMG! I fidget. Move a little here, a little there, you know how it is. I feels really odd to sit completely still, but this man brings fidgeting to a whole new level. His leg was pumping up and down like a jackhammer the whole class long. And since we're connected to the table in pairs of two, I was lucky enough to have taken the seat connected to him. The whole table would move. I didn't know I should have taking Dramamine before coming to class, but next time I'm late, I'll remember. Maybe I should start caring it in my bag just in case.

I asked him to quick shaking numerous times throughout the class. It was distracting, annoying, and just downright rude. Everytime he'd stop (without an apology) and then start shaking again within five minutes. This continued for the next hour and forty minutes. By the end of class I wanted to hit this man.

For the love of g-d ... if you sit in connected seats, sit fucking down, and keep fucking still, other people can feel you moving!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is also annoying when other students talk while the professor is talking and you are trying to take notes. These people I call the clingers can't stand the thought sitting alone for one class and cling to whomever they can find. I noticed and identified these clingy people the first day of law school and somehow during the second year of law school they multiplied.

6:11 PM  
Blogger John-Paul said...

It gets worse... the leg shaker that refuses to shower. I had to write my thesis on the thrid floor of the library next to this kid. The whole floor shook, and rattled up the legs of my desk and chair. And he had the worst B.O. ever. And it changed day to day. One day he smells like gym socks, the next rotten indian food. I started putting my ear plugs in my nose....

3:52 PM  

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