Monday, September 04, 2006

Someone needs to stop taking notes

As annoying as Mr. Question Guy is, I've discovered someone that manages to be far more annoying without ever opening his mouth.

Mr. Loud Typer. Mr. Loud Typer in my section changes his seat for every class, so my little click and I have yet to find out who he is. But everyone is in agreement, that man types way to loudly. Even one of our Professors has noticed. Last week during Contracts, the professor stopped class and proclaimed "Even with my mic turned all the way up, I can't hear myself talk over someone's excessive typing. You have laptops, not typewriters, keep it down out there in note-taking land."

I don't know what this person's problem is, do they have really fat fingers? Maybe their bones are incredibly dense so the weight baring down on the keys is more than normal? I suspect he's just an overeager note taking; diligently recording everything the Professors say with such enthusiasm that he gets carried away and just starts pounding on the keys.

What ever it is ... it needs to stop. Move your fingers with speed and agility, just don't pound the damn keyboard. Thanks!


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