Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quotes of the day

My CivPro teacher is brilliant and one of the most prominent judges in the state, but more importantly he is absolutely hillarious.

Consider the follwoing quotes today:

"I have never understood the name of the Federalist Society; it should be the Anti- Federalist society. Hamilton is your symbol, but he was in favor of a strong elastic federal government. Your symbol should be Jefferson who was an anti-federalist, but Jefferson is a Democrat. Then you would be the Democrat society, which is a rather ironic title, and quite understandable not to call yourselves."

"Subject matter jurisdiction is like kryptonite you can always pull it out of your pocket to kill jurisdiction at any time, just like you can always take kryptonite out of your pocket to kill superman."

"Every case shows that states have jurisdiction over all state issues, well except for Bush v Gore"

"No one cares about section 3 of Article 3, dealing with treason, except for Anne Coulter"

These quotes made my day


Blogger JWhitewater said...

As a law school student who gets emails from the Federalist Society, I was actually thinking about the exact same things your Professor pointed out the other day.

1:48 PM  

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