Monday, September 18, 2006

My Legal Writing Notes

Legal Writing is by far the worst class I have. Just to give you an idea of how boring/painful I find this class I've decided to include my recent class notes. Keep in mind this class is an hour and forty minutes long, and these are all the notes I took for that one day. G-d ... just thinking about legal writing pisses me off.

Legal Writing – Lecture 5 – 09/14/06
Fuck this class!

Professor’s Thoughts of the Week – kill me now.
• Law school is not fair. (omg ……… are we paying to be here?)
o Mirrors real life, which is also not fair. (Are you fucking kidding me?)
• You can extract rules of law from reasoning

Plain language concepts
• Omit surplus words
• Reduce passive voice
• Directly state your point (Point: I want to hit this professor)
• Avoid repeating points (Did I mention I hate this class?)
• Is a relatively new movement.

Umm … zoned out for a bit … and now he’s drawing cans on the board? So confused …
• You can move the can up and down but side to side movement is restricted ….
o WTF!!!
o Oh … ok … his point is use fewer words while describing things, and be more accurate.
He chose a retarded patent example to show this. I want to hit this man.

First citation rule
• The first time you mention a case name it must be a full citation!

Textual Citations – Rule 10.2.1
Citation Sentence – Rule 10.2.2 – Table 6 and Table 10 = additional abbrev. To use.
Global Citation Rules
• Abbrev. The 8 Corp. things and widely used acronyms 10.2.1(c)
• Know The 10.2.1(d)
• Generally, no first names unless it’s a biz. 10.2.1(g)
• 1 party on each side of the v (single party rule)
• don’t use et al. 10.2.1(a)
• eliminate state of, city of, 10.2.1(f)


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