Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Proximate Cause and Pleading

Two topics that would usually lead to an extremely boring post. But my Torts and CivPro teacher decided to make things more interesting.

On Proximate Cause:

I always enjoy a fun poke at evangelical religion. This one was great.

“Proximate Cause can best be explained like this: Everything is not Eve’s fault. She may have had the apple, but at a certain point we decide that the cause is too remote and we should take responsibility for our own actions.”

On Pleading:

“Early English pleading is like the Arabian Tales, you have to say the magic words, like ‘Open Sesame’, to get into court. They knew that failing to pay your loan was not disturbing the order of the King; they knew it sounded ridiculous, but without proclaiming the writ you couldn’t get into court. Nothing, really, has changed”


Blogger Roonie said...

I adore creative law profs. Such a rare specimen, they are.

10:53 AM  

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