Monday, November 13, 2006

Last Resort to Avoid Participation

It is commonly accepted that if you are called on in class there is nothing you can do. There has only been one try in law school history, to my knowledge, that has ever been successful after a teacher insisted on participation. Dan’s attempt to avoid class participation, although noble, resulted in the loss of using his laptop. This resulted in Dan not having a computer to avoid his writing professor’s wonderful teaching ability. But one monotone Yale law school valedictorian was able to do it, his name . . .

Bueller . . . Bueller

is Ben Stein. (This story comes via my Civ Pro teacher that went to Yale with him)

“Mr. Stein will you please explain the facts of case Slacker v. Gunner?”

::monotone voice:: “I didn’t do the reading”

“That’s ok, I will give you the facts and you can tell me your opinion”

“I really don’t wanna”

“This is law school, you don’t have a choice”

::still monotone:: “I don’t wanna, I am not going to”

::slightly raised voice:: “Mr. Stein”

“I am gonna take off my clothes, if you keep calling on me.”

::he proceeds to strip:: This makes the class rather awkward and the teacher moves on to someone else. Mr. Stein escaped participation unscratched. This act of brilliance makes up for the fact that you are a Nixon supporter and conservative views bares no resemblance to your people’s values. You are a hero for us all; no wonder why you graduated valedictorian from the best law school in the country.


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That. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!


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