Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lawyer/Student Reception

Earlier in the week I went to a lawyer/student reception hosted by a a club I'm in at my school in conjunction with a large firm in my city.

Most of it was useless, although the free food and drinks were very nice. Two statements made by the discussion panel really hit home for me though.

Hiring Partner of Hosting Firm: You're all law students so I figure most of you are type A personalities. (One of the man reasons I hate my fellow law students is that they're prickish type A's as opposed to the stoic confident type A's. Damn you people!)

Non-Profit Lawyer: If you think that you want to do some sort of non-profit work or small firm work, but want to work in biglaw for a few years to gain experience, when you get your first big paycheck, DO NOT GO OUT AND BUY A MERCEDES! I know far too many people who wanted to leave biglaw, but now can't afford to take the pay-cut.
(Seems pretty straightforward, but I guess those smart lawyer types aren't very good at handling finances)


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