Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hand Written Notes

I received an e-mail early in the week from the head of the Legal Writing department at my school. I got the pleasure of having a meeting with her to "discuss my participation in TBLWP's class". That was exciting. For this point on I am officially banned from using my laptop during Legal Writing. I must hand-take all my notes for the rest of the semester in the hope that I will stop goofing off online. BASTARDS!!

On the plus side, after my meeting with the head of the department I went to TBLWP's office hours and explained to him why I found the course so boring (his teaching style being a huge part of it), and this morning in class he devoted a section of time to "frustrations about legal writing" and he spoke about himself. He even tried to be funnier and more engaging. Hopefully this trend will continue. Unfortunently, if it does, I'll still be taking notes by hand.


Blogger Butterflyfish said...

Holy shit. They can do that?

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