Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dragon Slaying

Law is a very serious profession. I admire the law’s diligence and commitment, but many times law is unnecessarily serious. Sometimes you need to laugh at life because were human. Human life is full of absurdity; we should not take it too seriously.

The Career Service Office at my school required all 1Ls to turn in a resume. Despite turning in a resume, fairly recently in our applications, the school wanted a new resume in “law school format”. The school did not want us to expand on our college experiences, only our professional experience. Since I graduated fairly recently my resume was very small and looked pathetic.

If there was any reason why I would need a resume, I would have taken it seriously. If I planned on turning the resume in soon, I would take it seriously. But since the resume did not count and was useless, I decided comedy was appropriate way to poke fun.

So I made a resume 20 minutes before it’s due. At the bottom where you put interests, I listed:

Philosophy, Partying, Long Walks on the Beach, and Dragon Slaying.

Everyone likes dragon slaying, right?

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of showing others the resume. Everyone had the exact same reaction: Laughing for a minute, then lecturing me on how I need to grow up and take school more seriously. Ordinarily I wouldn’t pay attention to this, but in a moment of stress and weakness of will, I removed the humor.

Apparently law school, not only makes you over serious and competitive, but makes you lose your balls, too.

If I ever see a resume like mine, at least I would know there a real person. There is no good reason why law school shouldn’t be occasionally comedic. I am tired of the seriousness and intensity. I want a law school that’s human.


Blogger Dan said...

Hahaha BITCH!! You should always leave that in! Although ... on 2nd thought ... maybe you shouldn't listen to me; I am banned from using my laptop after all :)

2:33 PM  
Blogger Butterflyfish said...

Compromise: Philosophy, something serious (like Bluebooking or citechecking), something else serious (reading?), and dragon slaying.

I think its the partying and long walks on the beach that does the whole phrase in.

But I say, keep it in. Full-on awesomeness.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Roonie said...

Don't worry. I would've laughed and then probably copied your idea - although, in this situation, at a parallel law school, I probably would've been the only one not taking things seriously.

3:05 AM  
Blogger eff said...

im the only comic at school...its sad sometimes cause the humor is lost on some people

1:17 PM  

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